When your contractions begin or your bag of water breaks I come to you.

During early labor you may choose to have me stay with you, or you may feel more comfortable having private time with your partner or family. I believe birth is a normal, natural process. I will watch over you and guide you as well as monitor you and your baby to ensure safety and well being.

I offer sensitive support, encouragement and validation.

I provide physical support, (such as massage) and offer suggestions as appropriate. I honor your body’s wisdom and allow your innate knowledge of how to birth your baby come forward. You may have anyone you desire at your birth, including siblings.

As your baby is born, your partner may be the one to receive the baby if desired. After baby is born, he or she will go directly into Mother’s arms. This allows for the smoothest most natural transition into the world.

There is no rush to cut the umbilical cord.

I’ll help mother and baby with initial breastfeeding and give your family time to bond. In due time I examine you and your baby. When I do I will explain everything I do. After the birth, I make sure you have something to eat, and assist in the clean up process.

If desired, Mother and baby can relax in an herbal bath.

I stay as long as needed after the birth (at least 3 hours) to be certain both mother and baby are stable. I’ll carefully explain what to expect after birth and am available 24 hours a day to address any concerns that may arise. I stay in close contact with you following the birth.

Your first home postpartum visit is scheduled within 36 hours of the birth.