Prenatal Care


Collaborative Relationships

My role is to support and guide you through your pregnancy and birth. I provide information and education. This empowers to you actively participate in your own care, make informed decisions and take responsibility for your own health.

Office or Home Visits

Many women appreciate the option of home visits (especially those with small children). I welcome family participation. When adults and children observe and participate during the pregnancy they feel more relaxed and secure when I arrive for your birth.

Prenatal Visits

You can expect the same physical exam you would receive with any obstetric provider.  This exam includes checking blood pressure, weight and urine, listening to baby’s heartbeat, palpating baby’s position and measuring baby’s growth.  Visits usually last an hour or more. I allow plenty of time to talk, answer questions and discuss your concerns. I want you to feel prepared for childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting.

Medical History, Exams and Ultrasounds

I will thoroughly discuss your medical history. Physical and gynecological exams are performed as needed. Most lab work can be done in the office or at your home.  I can order ultrasounds through Bartlett Regional Hospital.

Nutritional and Lifestyle Counseling

In depth counseling is core to midwifery care, and helps prevent many of the complications that can arise during pregnancy.
Naturopathic Care: As a naturopathic doctor, I bring my extensive training and experience to midwifery care. I offer homeopathy, herbal medicine and a host of other therapies to support healthy pregnancy.

Appointment Scheduling

To make certain your pregnancy is progressing safely, visits are scheduled every 3 weeks through your 28th week. Between your 28th and 36th week, you’ll have an appointment every other week. After that visits occur weekly until delivery.