Hospital Labor and Delivery Support

The best outcomes for birth happen where the mom and her partner feel safe. Some couples feel most comfortable with the idea of a hospital birth.
Sometimes women with high-risk pregnancies or women who develop complications outside the scope of practice as direct-entry midwives can be most safely cared for in the hospital.

As a homebirth midwife, I have extensive experience supporting women through childbirth. I am not a doula. I offer a far broader range of support based on my midwifery skills and experience.

I offer additional prenatal care and share records with your doctor.

I have worked with all of the doctors at Valley Medical and have experience working with them in the hospital setting. I will help you clarify your preferences and create a birth plan. I can provide early labor support at home and help you decide when its time to go to the hospital.

While I am a certified midwife, I do not have hospital privileges and can not provide medical care while in the hospital. The hospital is an unfamiliar place for many people. Though the staff at the hospital are wonderful, you may have never met any of them before you arrive to have your baby. And though you may have prepared yourself by taking childbirth classes, sometimes in the midst of labor, you may not remember all that you learned, especially if this is your first birth. I will help you with relaxation, breathing, massage, visualization and positioning.

I provide continuity of care throughout your hospital labor and birth. You’ll be sure to have someone there that you know and trust. I am there to support and advocate for you.

I am there also to support your partner who may be nervous about their role and responsibilities during this intense time.

After your baby is born I’ll stay and assist you with breastfeeding, waiting to depart until the family is ready for some quiet time and rest. I will visit with you while you are in the hospital and offer home visits after you and baby go home.